Ha Long Bay is considered as one of the famous tourist destinations in the world for its unique natural beauty, and also for its cultural values. This is also the reason why this city has become a familiar destination for many tourists. There are so many different ways to enjoy or explore the site, here are some few suggestions to have a memorable experience:

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay


Ha LongBay was voted as one among the 25 destinations best for kayaking in the world. It attracts a lot of tourists for this interesting activity.

+ Be a fisherman at the fishing village


Exploring Ha Long Bay by kayak, tourists can also visit the fishing villages along the coast. However, you can get to these villages by boats from the Ha Long harbor. The fishing village, Vung Vieng, Cong Dam, Cua Van … with peaceful and tranquility beauty will make visitors forget about the noise, the bustling urban areas, and chaos.

+ Scuba Diving


HalongBay attracts tourists not only because of its beauty, but also the beauty under the water, which is very interesting and should not be missed. Hence, when travelers visit Ha Long, they all want to scuba dive to explore this colorful world hidden under the blue water.

+ Explore the pristine caves


Due to the special geological formations, Ha Long has so many mysterious caves and most pristine hills with hundreds of glistening stalactites. They all seem to be moving beautifully.

+ Spend one night on cruise


Instead of spending the night at the hotel, why don’t you try once to spend your night once on boat in Ha Long. With this option, you can spend your evening on deck to enjoy the beauty of Ha Long at night and with quiet atmosphere. Majestic cruise will be a great choice for you when you decide to stay overnight on boat.


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